Until recently, opening an account at an online casino required lengthy registration and verification procedures, and playing without an account was unthinkable. It caused a lot of frustration and confusion among players, as well as a loss of faith in the casino.

Suddenly, something called Pay N Play (or Pay and Play as some prefer) arose. Today’s online casinos make it so easy to register that you barely notice you’re doing it.

Today’s UK casinos are mostly Pay N Play. We’d say the majority are, and many traditional casinos have adopted this system. It’s simply too popular to ignore.

This guide explains what a Pay N Play online casino is. We also discuss how it works and how to get one. We can say right now that it won’t get any easier.

So, how does a Pay N Play casino work and how can you play casino online without registration? Previously, playing at an online casino required personal information such as name, address, and other details. When you play at a Pay N Play casino, you log in with BankID, and the casino gets all the information from your bank.

This means you can usually start playing in just a few minutes. Paying with Trustly allows you to confirm your deposits with BankID at most online casinos. This means you can use the same method to log in and deposit. We can’t imagine it going any smoother.

Previously, you had to create an account and then verify it. This usually happened when you made a withdrawal, not when you registered.

You had to send in a copy of your passport, proof of address, and possibly other documents. This was done in connection with withdrawals, which irritated many players.

In reality, it is just a KYC procedure that all casinos must carry out. This verification process is now automated, avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings and making everyone happier.

A Pay N Play casino without an account is a bit misleading. Many use this term, but it is incorrect. Even if it does not appear so, you do create an account at these casinos. It all happens so smoothly that you almost forget you have an account.

When using BankID, your account is automatically created. Your bank sends your data to the casino, which saves your game history. Your game balance is saved so you can pick up where you left off next time you log in. Your game balance would not be saved if you did not have an account.